Thursday, 3 December 2015

My Survivor Animation

Arthur survivors from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


This Term we are learning about how arctic animals survive in the desert and how desert animals survive in the arctic. I am going to the arctic to get a penguin and to take it to the desert to see how long it can survive in the desert. I am at the arctic and I am going to get a penguin there were moving when at least a quarter of my truck got into the arctic the penguins stopped moving

My animal has lots of things to live in the arctic. It likes the cold and likes the food And fits perfectly in the arctic

I moved my animal to the desert. it will not survive in the desert because it doesn't fit.

I’m going to change its color to white and its feet to camel feet, so then it won’t sink in the sand.

Sadly the penguin will probably get eaten because it looks tasty and it can’t run fast.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Weekend

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Saturday 14th 2015

In my weekend I went with my dad to little shell bay. My dad is the yard captain of little shell bay he is in charge of the boat's. Me and my dad went to little shell bay to do some work on some boat’s there was a lot of work to do.

First what I did was helped my dad put the diesel into the bulldozer. The bulldozer need’s 100 litres but we did not need a full tank. So we only put like 40 litres in the bulldozer because that will be a nuff for a couple boats to hall out.

When the tide went out there was a hole heap of leaves and seaweed and a hole heap of stuff. Then a dog came and got a stick so I picked the stick up and through the stick the dog ran to it but did not bring it back. The dog just chewed on the stick and went away then I was making a mountain out of that stuff in the water it felt weird.

Then the black dog came a digged the mountain to look for something to eat. Every time I put the stuff on top on the mountain it will dig and dig and dig and dig it was annoying. It keep on going and then I asked if we can go and so we did.

My best part about my weekend was when i went with my dad to little shell bay.I hoped you enjoyed my weekend.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Egg friend race

Friend egg race

On wednesday the 21st my teacher got us to do a really weird thing. It was an egg race. Mr baxendine gave his class an egg and I got one to.

I was wondering what was going on and what are we doing with this egg. Mr baxendine gave us a vivid I asked Mr baxendine what do we do. Then he said draw a face on it then i said why and  then he said you will know when you do it.

I was waiting for ages just to get a vivid mine was ugly as all there was was a bit of hair and a penguin nose and a mouth connected to the nose. Then i said i don’t want it so i gave it to atareta.

Then we walked out of the classroom and walked to the park i was wondering what are we doing here at the park  then mr baxendine got out the spoons of the plastic bag  then he said we are doing a egg race.

I asked atareta if i can have the egg back. I was the last group to do the race mine had a hole in it before we did the race mr baxendine told me to empty some of his brains out instead i tipped all of his brains out.

The egg race started my egg was on the spoon. Mine had a hole in it so it was difficult. Well it was kind of easy I have to go over a few obstacles. I dropped it on one of the obstacles so I put it back on it was difficult at times because it keeps on dropping. I lost so when I go to the end mine was cracked how about this I put it in a graveyard the graveyard was the terrifying bin.

We walked back to class wiel going back to class then i got a drink and went to class. I hope you enjoyed my egg race.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mysterious world quiz

This is my mysterious world quiz you got to figure it out and go on the right questions

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My holidays

Start writing here:
Title: My holidays with my Nana.

On Tuesday the 6 of October 2015  it was holidays. My nana  picked me up from my home so that I can stay the night at my her house.

On the way to my nana's house my nana thought that we can go and play at cornwall park. But the park was so so small. So we walked around the place then we saw a exercise park. We went on that for about 2 minutes then we kept on walking. Then we saw a pond and inside that pond there was ten ducklings and one duck. I just wanted to grab one of them and keep them. They were so so so cute but there was a fence blocking them so I couldn't grab them.

After that we saw a path and then we walked the path. The path was called pamua bacen. It was three kilometers me and my nana talked about a lot of stuff. We walked the whole way round and I learnt some stuff. When we were at the bridge me and my nana picked some flowers and throw it into the river to see how fast the river is going it was going so fast.

When we finished the walked we went back to car and we drove about another 1 kilometer and then we were there at my nana’s house. After we parked the car in the garage we had a nice refreshing drink. I hoped you enjoyed my holiday. My favorite thing about the day is that i went for the walk.

The End

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The crocodile

There is a man inside a boat and a crocodile is trying to sink his boat so the crocodile can eat him.

The bull chase and The cocodile

There was a man that was going into the sea but a bull was chasing the man the man was terrified. He thought that he would not make it so he ran as fast as he can. He tried to run away all the people that we around him was looking at the bull and was thinking that if the man he would make it.
There is a man inside a boat and a crocodile is trying to sink his boat so the crocodile can eat him.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


On the 16th of August 2015 team 4. Had a trade fair at point england school we got to get 15 minutes each to sell and buy. We all had a buddy and we swished i was first and my buddy was second my buddy got the most time instead he got at least half an hour.

To buy we did not have to pay real money we paid pts in is a poker chip but with a hole in the middle. The blue one it 1 pt and the green one is 2 pt. The white one is 50 pieces and the red one is 20 pieces i had 3 pt and 81 pieces. The business that i am in is the musical instruments me and me and my buddy got into the group and we don’t get to pick our we had to do a page about what you want to do you can do molecule instruments and homeware and cooking and toys and deirkeranntrateing.

The trade fair was like a market but it only like has 150 people in it we used our classes to sell as well we were selling and buying. I bought 1 shing shoot and 2 crossbow the 2 crossbow

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

All About Me Update

Hi and welcome to my blog my name is Arthur and i am 9 years old. My favorite thing is xbox games. Geass what i am a year 4 student at Point England School. I am from New Zealand. When you visit my you will see all my work that i have done. I will be posting of what i have been writing. I wish you well i hope i get some comments.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

My holiday

In the holidays i went up north because we knew it was going to be a nice day i went with my dad and my brother Eric. We stayed at a hotel right next to a beach. On the other side of the beach there is a really big mountain dew.

We drove there it took like 4 hours to get there when we got there we had to go and find a hotel so we drove like another 40 minutes to another place to get a hotel. We found we one it is called the lighthouse hotel. Me and my dad walked on the beach a lot and we found a lot of cool things .

We walked to four squar almost every day to get a hot chocolate and some breakfast and we also get a lickwish. It was red lickwish and we had for breakfast pancakes with maple syrup and it was yummy. We had to clean all our dishes it was hard work then we took them inside and let them dry.

To days later we were going to go to another hotel but the weather was bad so we went home and unpacked and i sed it is good to be back home. When we went home my brother Eric went straight on the xbox and he misted it. Eric played for one week and one day.

I hope we go again this carsmist. The thing i enjoyed the most was when we had the hot chocolate. I felt great when we got back but i already miss that place.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Creative Story Starter

There was a peanut that caught a 450 pound fish and let go and shot with a shotgun and had a big fish for dinner.

Then the peanut went to go fishing again. He court another fish and this fish was haug is was a megalodon the biggest shark in the world. It was hard to pull it up.

He shout is with 6 bullet’s and reload 12 time’s he did not make is back home he was dead. Two day’s his family they went to his funeral they wear sad.

The sun and the mum never forget about him. But they had some good times had a nice fish. THE END

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Create & Solve a problem

In math's we were learning with Mrs J to right a problem and solve it. This is my math's problem. We have some oranges and cut them into twelve quarters, so how many oranges did we have? I have shown on my presentation how to figure this out.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Story review

Story Review
WALT: summarise and analyse the main ideas of a text.  

Answer all these questions

Title: Arthur review - fish & Weet

Author: Jill Macgregor,

Book Setting: (What is the place the story is written about? What do you know about this place?).
  • ministry of education
  • Acknowledgments
  • contents

Summary of the story: (What is the story about? What does the story teach you? ).
  • a lot about weet and rice salt mixed

Facts: (Write something that you found interesting)

Interesting: i found that i can make a lot of stuff with rice.

Vocabulary (Choose 2 words you didn’t know, google them and write what they mean).
  1. vietnam
  2. vietnamese

Connections (Choose 2 things that you have learned from the story)
  1. how to get rice
  2. how to make paper rice

Dolphin and cow

Once upon a time a farmer was going to milk a cow and he saw that the cow wasn't there. So he went to look for the cow so the first place he went to was the park because he cow like playing but the cow wasn’t there he look the cow wasn’t there. The last place he looked was the beach the cow was there swimming with a dolphin so the farmer went to go and gone the dolphin and the cow swimming.

After the swim the farmer went back with the cow to the farm and the farmer milked the cow so the farmer has some milk for his breakfast. After the farmer’s breakfast the cow and the farmer went for a walk and saw some beautiful things.

They saw red flowers and roses and they went home. Had some lunch then watch some tv. Then it was dinner time they had yummy yummy stuff like a pie with some catsup and for pudding they had a pavlova then they went to sleep.

Friday, 5 June 2015

My $300,000 boat

This is my newspaper about two boats for sale. We have been learning about Basket Boats. Basket Boats are made from bamboo and fishing line.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Jack and the beenstalk

On Sunday at 11:00 in the morning some beans went into our garden and gure a beanstalk. Jack and his mum was very very pour. So we had to sell our cow because it was the only thing that we could sell.

A giant has found us run away run away thea thae tho them i smell a human i am going to eat you up. Hi ginent i am going to stop you from eating all these people so get prepared. Tell me when you are ready don't look up rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr perch i have dishonored you then one of the people some hero.

The beanstalk landed on my house and it did lots of damage. The builders are going to fix my house up so it is better to live in. My brother's are a bit scared because the giant landed on our house and my mum and dad are a bit surprised that the had jemes all over him.

My mother was very very angry so she went to go and get some fresh air. When she comes back i am going to make her eat the beans so she can turn into a beanstalk because i hate my mum. Jack hope she suffers and has a heart attack and die.

Then the next day jack and his mother was rich. So thea went to a new house with rich people. They lived happily ever after and never got poor again.
When jack and his mother wear at the rich place they decided that they can go back to their old house and get some people to take back to the rich places so jack and his mother can have happened with his son and his next door naber. Also that jack can have some fun with the kids so they can do stuff like playing ball and playing cars and maybe goto rabozend to go on the roller coaster and bumper bots and last the bumper cars. When they come back from robozend they so they can do some more funny stuff like going to the movies and watch the new spongebob movie when they come back from the movies it will be dark so they can go to bed.

Image result for jack and the beanstalk in real life
Then the next morning jack and his friends go and start to go and do a aventina and try to find bigfoot and try and find ufos and meisterernst stuff like bugs maybe try to find a tralantera and when jack and his friends come back from the aventina they can tell there mother what they found. After they can have some morning tea then they can do bumper cars and crash into each other and they wear having fun. Then they went to go have some lunch they had for lunch some chicken and some juice.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Skateboard Design

I made my skateboard better by using electrical stuff in my skateboard. I am also having a handle on my skateboard so it is easy to use. I am also having a seat on my skateboard so i don't get tired in my skateboard. The cool thing is that i am going to put a control on my skatboard

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Creative Paragraphs- Man In Space

This week we have been learning to rework our writing to make our paragraphs interesting for our audience. We started by writing a creative sentence about this picture. As a class we will choose Nate's sentence because we liked it the best and wrote a paragraph each to follow the chosen sentence. Here is the beginning of my story that starts with Nate's sentence.
A spaceman bravely walks out into the icy milkyway. The milky way is a galese that looks like milk. The milky way is a big galese that is looks like a black hole but just with a milky colour.

A black hole is like a dimension. A dimension is a sucking death machine. If anything goes in to the black hole it will get creached and suked up to peaces.

The preacher in the black hole is so so hie that if anything goes in it and i mean anything that goes in the black hole it will be creached and suked up to peaces. If you go in the black hole apostle everything in your body will be shredded. Apostle nathank in the universe has ever gotten out of a black hole.

Nathank in the universe has gone thero a black hole because it will creached you to pieces. If enthink went thero a black hole you will need the thickest rocket in the world to get past a black hole. If you go i a black hole in the other side you will only see space and crashed stuff like a ship a suns galeses everything that went into a black hole that is what you will see but carshed.

You will only see crashed stuff because the preacher in the black hole takes more preacher than the space. There will be also milky ways in the black hole. You might even take some pictures inside the black hole.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Arthur all about Technology

This term we are learning about technology in our topic Tinkering, Tools and Toys. Technology is when you have a problem and you fix it. For example if my hand had a big cut in it I would go to the sick bay and get a plaster. This is my great presentation about technology.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

anzac day

In the assembly we had a anzac assembly to celebrate anzac day. We were celebrating anzac day because we are not, going to school on monday. We were talking about the first world  it happened in samoa.

We were all so talking about how many people were on the ships. There were 8000 on each ship. There were about 15 ships so about 120000 people went to the war.

It was the beast anzac assembly that i have had in my hole life! It tort me lots and lots and lots of thinks about the first world war.

We watch a short video of the first world war. I felt really happy i new haw anzac day gos. What will the next anzac day be like?.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My holidays

In the holiday Me, Eric, Connor and my Aunt, went to the movies. I saw the new Sponge Bob movie. I think Morpheus went to the movies as well.

I went to the movies because it was a lovely day. We got a large bowl of popcorn. We were going to get a extra large of popcorn.

The popcorn was very yummy. The flavor was solte and sergur i ate ,most of it. But i had to leave my Birthers some and my Aunt.

The Spongebob movie was super super cool. It was about a magical book that makes Spongebob go places. Spongebob wrote in the magical book that he would get so so so strong! And he did. Spongebob also had a bubble, blower on his head.

At the end we went to my Nanas House. Then I told my Nana it was so so fun ! You should've come. I wonder where we will go next?

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

What is easter

What is easter
people have  different beliefs in easter. Some people think is is about bunnies, easter, eggs, food, when Jesus Christ was resurrected and some people don’t celebrate.

Easter eggs
The jermens thourt that the earth was hatched by a egg. For easter the jermens got eggs and dipped the eggs inside the paint. They didn't eat the eggs they salabert.

In the 19th century the christians started to celebrate easter as well. There ferret colors are spring colors. They celebrate it because it is about Jesus Christ and heaven.

Easter sunday On sunday it is easter the beast bit of easter for me is that i get carollo easter eggs. It is so so so! fun. I wonder what i will get next year for a easter eggs.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Look out for pukeko

Pukekos live near a pond a lake or a river. Pukekos live near west ground it might be mudde. They also like to live near trees so they can get shade.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

oamaru creek

My animation is about oamaru creek. Omaru creek is a creek that has living things like boatmen, eels, and ducks. Omaru creek is near Point England. Omaru is important because, we are trying to keep the creek clean.

The trees help the fish stay cool by making shade. If the trees were not there the fish would cook. The trees help keep the mud out of the water by holding it with its roots. This makes the water cleaner so the fish can see properly.

There is a thing that stops the rubbish from going further down the creek. On the other side of the collector the creek is flowing water. Then the water flows for the rest of the creek. To keep the creek clean you can stop putting rubbish inside the creek.

I hope you’ve learnt how to keep the creek clean by not putting rubbish inside it.

Friday, 20 March 2015


Tuna eel to cache a tuna eel you got to put a box inside the water with some fish inside it. Then the eel will go inside the box to eat. Then you bring the box in with the eel inside it then it is ready to eat.

Cook it in a pot it will be very tasty. Then remove it from the box cute it in half take the guts and blood then cook it in a pot.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Arthur Holiday Highlight

Sky blue water, shining sand and spraying water fountain. On Saturday me and my family went to, Mission Bay to have a swim in the fountain. It was a beautiful day! We plan to go to Mission Bay again next week.

First we had half an hour swimming in the water fountain. It was so so fun because i kept on climbing on the top, of the water fountain over and over and over again.

I keep on doing fourd flips and i showed my mum and my dad, It was so cool and fun. My mum and dad were proud of me. They told me to do the four d flip again so i did.
Then me and my family went to movie pick! The world ice cream  i got, a fudge ice cream my, dad, got a chocolate ice cream. My brother's hot fudge ice, !cream ass wale, my mum got a! cogenate ice cream.

Then we to the museum sour, lots and lots and lots of stuff. Ther wear ear plans and fighting plans. it was the! best day of my life.

The gun sechin was super super cool! Ther wear swords small and big guns. Then we looked at all the stuff then went home.

The museum was such a fun thing to do. It was so cool i wish could go there every day. Where will we go next ?

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Kaitiaki of the Stream


We have bean reading about Kaitiaki of the Stream. In this story there is a man that has bean looking after his creek his whole life. Hear is some thinks about my creek.

My creek is important because we used to go swimming in it. We can't swim in it any more because it is very dirty and oily. So we are trying to clean it up.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My best birthday ever

Start writing here
My best birthday ever. Is when me and my aunt and my dad and my friends Ana and Jasmeen all so my brothers .Eric and Connor and my mum and it is at boling.

I got $50 on my birthday then my mum took it of me. Cause she didn't want me to spend it on toinks. When it was supposed to be for toinks.

Then my aunt gave me $30 to spend on toinks. Then i was reely reely happy. When you use the toinks these tickets come out of the games then you put them in a machine. Then a reset comes out out of the machine then you get to by toys.

Then we played a game of bowling then went home.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Arthur Use your WITS explanation

Use your WITS means walk away, talk about it, ignore it and seek Use your WITS so you don't get in trouble.                                

W walk away when someone is annoying you and so you walk away. When someone is doing bad eis to you just walk away toll they don't see you any more. If they are still falling you just stop it i don't like it.

Ignore it means you don't look at them and don’t listen to them. Ignore it is when someone is being men to you just ignore it. Hide bind the tree that they don't `see you.

T talk about it means when someone is being men to just say can we talk about this. Talk about how people are feeling. Talk about someone about their life.

S seek help when someone is being men to you got to seek help. When someone is grabbing you on the arme tall a teacher or tell someone to get a teacher.
Using your WITS can help you very very much

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Exercise Investigation

In room 9 and 10 we have ,learning to do a statistical Investigation. First we asked a question. Then we worked out the answer and presented it in a graph. Lastly we wrote about what we found out. I hope you enjoy our Investigation.  

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Assassin's creed ll

                                                          Assassin's creed ll

In my holidays me and my brother Eric were playing  Assassin's creed ll and it was cool as. Eric is the man of it. We were playing it in my room. We played it on an xbox 360.

To start the xbox 360 up you have got to get the remote and press the big x button or the big the circle button.

There is heaps of climbing  and talking. There is heaps of buying health potions.
There is heaps of buying weapons too.

It was a mean as holiday. I felt very happy. I enjoyed the xbox the most.