Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My best birthday ever

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My best birthday ever. Is when me and my aunt and my dad and my friends Ana and Jasmeen all so my brothers .Eric and Connor and my mum and it is at boling.

I got $50 on my birthday then my mum took it of me. Cause she didn't want me to spend it on toinks. When it was supposed to be for toinks.

Then my aunt gave me $30 to spend on toinks. Then i was reely reely happy. When you use the toinks these tickets come out of the games then you put them in a machine. Then a reset comes out out of the machine then you get to by toys.

Then we played a game of bowling then went home.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Arthur Use your WITS explanation

Use your WITS means walk away, talk about it, ignore it and seek Use your WITS so you don't get in trouble.                                

W walk away when someone is annoying you and so you walk away. When someone is doing bad eis to you just walk away toll they don't see you any more. If they are still falling you just stop it i don't like it.

Ignore it means you don't look at them and don’t listen to them. Ignore it is when someone is being men to you just ignore it. Hide bind the tree that they don't `see you.

T talk about it means when someone is being men to just say can we talk about this. Talk about how people are feeling. Talk about someone about their life.

S seek help when someone is being men to you got to seek help. When someone is grabbing you on the arme tall a teacher or tell someone to get a teacher.
Using your WITS can help you very very much

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Exercise Investigation

In room 9 and 10 we have ,learning to do a statistical Investigation. First we asked a question. Then we worked out the answer and presented it in a graph. Lastly we wrote about what we found out. I hope you enjoy our Investigation.  

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Assassin's creed ll

                                                          Assassin's creed ll

In my holidays me and my brother Eric were playing  Assassin's creed ll and it was cool as. Eric is the man of it. We were playing it in my room. We played it on an xbox 360.

To start the xbox 360 up you have got to get the remote and press the big x button or the big the circle button.

There is heaps of climbing  and talking. There is heaps of buying health potions.
There is heaps of buying weapons too.

It was a mean as holiday. I felt very happy. I enjoyed the xbox the most.