Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Arthur Writing - Narrative Week 1 Term 4 2016

Once upon a time there were four brothers and one sister. There names were Eric Connor Arthur Steven and Karyn. They were going on mining trip to find something cole for their fire at there house they loved to mine. They had a little cave next to there house and they loved to explore in the cave.

One day when they went mining in the cave they found a little hole in a unknown area and then the smart one named Arthur said look what i found. And all of the brothers and sister looked and they said all at the same time cool you found a hole. Yea well what are you waiting for let's go inside said Arthur ok said Eric.

So they tried to mine the wall but nothing happened the wall didn't even have stretch. After 30 min of mining they got through but something bad happened they couldn't get back. The wall collapsed Arthur and Eric was on one side and Connor Steven and Karyn was on the other side and so Arthur and Eric could not get back..

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The Adventures of The Door

The Adventures of      The Door

Once upon a time there was one man and one lady their names were Mike and Alice. They were Adventurous they loved to Adventure. When they tipped up on google “what would be a good Adventure” then google said “ THE DOOR”.

The they thought to themselves THE DOOR. So they sent of to find THE DOOR but no luck. So they asked some people if they knew about the door. Most of the people said “well why don’t you just go to your house and at the front of you house you will see the door”.

But one person said “are you crazy THE DOOR is a big and dangerous place”. Well mike said“do you know where it is?” yes said the stranger. Where said Mike. Next to straightway rode said the stranger” but no one goes there said Mike exactly because of THE DOOR”.

So Mike and Alice found THE DOOR. It was a epic journey for the rest of the Adventure THE END.

Well that you for reading my story.

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Monday, 10 October 2016

My Holiday Part 1

My Holiday

On Thursday the 22nd of September 2016 me and my brother and my Dad went up north and it was a long drive nearly about 5 hours and on the way there there was a forest that we had to go through and i got sick so after i was sick be for i was sick we had to pull over first and after i was sick i went to the boot and grabbed some Tic Tacs banana flavoured YUMMY!!!

Then all after that the trip was AWESOME!! Leave a comment and i will do Part 2.