Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Prototec Basic Facts.

Arthur Immersion Assembly

Have you ever played an instrument before?

On the 16th of October 2017 was the first day of Term 4 for Point England School at 9:30 am we started the assembly which It was called Musical Madness. For Team 1,Team 2,Team 3,Team4 and Team 5 I was really looking forward to it to see what the other teachers have done.

Out theme for this term is Musical Madness. It is all about Music and instruments. For Team 1 they said that they are going to be teaching that a every different song is a different feeling. Team 2 said that they were going to be add there own music into another song to make there own song. Team 3 said that they are going to be doing add music to what they say and to make a sentence out of music. Team 5 are going to be watching movies and music to be see it they are scared of happy.

Team four’s Topic is creating their own music and creating their own instruments. Team four teachers made a movies of instead of apple music they changed it to Point England music with the Pt england logo. They were cruising in a car listening to lots of different music tracks. Each different song there was a different team four teacher driving some time there was only 3 teachers in the car. They would also release their feelings inside of there body to each song like if it was an emotional song they will be emotional and if it was a funny song they would laugh but they were pretending with their emotions.

Im am really hoping what we could learn how to play some instruments. And make my own songs on garageband. I really want to learn how to be the best at piano and guitar. And learn how to play lots of song on a instrument

What i think about the new term theme overall is that we get to make music and instruments. I like that they called it musical madness cause we are going mad of all the music that is playing. Hope you enjoyed my recount Leave a comment on my blog to get intact Bye.
Here is some pictures