Thursday, 20 August 2015


On the 16th of August 2015 team 4. Had a trade fair at point england school we got to get 15 minutes each to sell and buy. We all had a buddy and we swished i was first and my buddy was second my buddy got the most time instead he got at least half an hour.

To buy we did not have to pay real money we paid pts in is a poker chip but with a hole in the middle. The blue one it 1 pt and the green one is 2 pt. The white one is 50 pieces and the red one is 20 pieces i had 3 pt and 81 pieces. The business that i am in is the musical instruments me and me and my buddy got into the group and we don’t get to pick our we had to do a page about what you want to do you can do molecule instruments and homeware and cooking and toys and deirkeranntrateing.

The trade fair was like a market but it only like has 150 people in it we used our classes to sell as well we were selling and buying. I bought 1 shing shoot and 2 crossbow the 2 crossbow