Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Egg friend race

Friend egg race

On wednesday the 21st my teacher got us to do a really weird thing. It was an egg race. Mr baxendine gave his class an egg and I got one to.

I was wondering what was going on and what are we doing with this egg. Mr baxendine gave us a vivid I asked Mr baxendine what do we do. Then he said draw a face on it then i said why and  then he said you will know when you do it.

I was waiting for ages just to get a vivid mine was ugly as all there was was a bit of hair and a penguin nose and a mouth connected to the nose. Then i said i don’t want it so i gave it to atareta.

Then we walked out of the classroom and walked to the park i was wondering what are we doing here at the park  then mr baxendine got out the spoons of the plastic bag  then he said we are doing a egg race.

I asked atareta if i can have the egg back. I was the last group to do the race mine had a hole in it before we did the race mr baxendine told me to empty some of his brains out instead i tipped all of his brains out.

The egg race started my egg was on the spoon. Mine had a hole in it so it was difficult. Well it was kind of easy I have to go over a few obstacles. I dropped it on one of the obstacles so I put it back on it was difficult at times because it keeps on dropping. I lost so when I go to the end mine was cracked how about this I put it in a graveyard the graveyard was the terrifying bin.

We walked back to class wiel going back to class then i got a drink and went to class. I hope you enjoyed my egg race.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mysterious world quiz

This is my mysterious world quiz you got to figure it out and go on the right questions

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My holidays

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Title: My holidays with my Nana.

On Tuesday the 6 of October 2015  it was holidays. My nana  picked me up from my home so that I can stay the night at my her house.

On the way to my nana's house my nana thought that we can go and play at cornwall park. But the park was so so small. So we walked around the place then we saw a exercise park. We went on that for about 2 minutes then we kept on walking. Then we saw a pond and inside that pond there was ten ducklings and one duck. I just wanted to grab one of them and keep them. They were so so so cute but there was a fence blocking them so I couldn't grab them.

After that we saw a path and then we walked the path. The path was called pamua bacen. It was three kilometers me and my nana talked about a lot of stuff. We walked the whole way round and I learnt some stuff. When we were at the bridge me and my nana picked some flowers and throw it into the river to see how fast the river is going it was going so fast.

When we finished the walked we went back to car and we drove about another 1 kilometer and then we were there at my nana’s house. After we parked the car in the garage we had a nice refreshing drink. I hoped you enjoyed my holiday. My favorite thing about the day is that i went for the walk.

The End