Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

4 ways to prevent yourself from getting sick
Introduction.1. Some ways to prevent yourself from getting sick The first way is before you you eat something that has already been open or left for a while but hasn't been open make sure to smell it before you eat it cause it can be rotten. For example I left some chicken in the fridge and I forgot about it for one week. Than when I find it and eat some I will start to get sick. Also make sure to check the expiry date.

Paragraph.2. The Second thing is don't overheat. So when you overheat your body temperature rises which forces the blood flow to your skin. And that it puts a strain on the heart and that is capable of producing large amounts of sweet which can cause dehydration witch put further strain to the heart.

Paragraph.3. The third way is Stay Hydrated. DId you know that your body is 65 to 70 percent water so if you are dehydrated your body does not function properly water keeps your body healthy and eliminates toxins and once the water in your body is reduced you need to refill it cause since that there is sugar in your body sugar is acid without water to eliminate it and will make you feel sick.

Paragraph. And finally The fourth one it don’t get too cold. When you get to cold you get Hypothermia what Hypothermia does to you is it could kill you it will make your body numb and it will stop the blood from flowing in you body which will make you pale. Which will start to stop the heart.

Conclusion. Thank you for reading what I have created to help you to know things that help you from staying sick. Please leave a comment on my blog and tell me what other things that can prevent yourself from getting sick.

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  1. Hi Arthur,

    I really like the amount of factual information that you included in this piece of writing. When you use facts and statistics like these it makes your audience view your writing as credible or correct which is fantastic. Next time double check your sentences to make sure that your audience can clearly understand you.

    Mrs Stone
    P.s. I thought the paragraph about smelling your food was funny - watch out for that chicken!