Thursday, 29 March 2018

Making and breaking a icosahedron

On Tuesday the 27th of March My class room 4 made some shapes out of clay. Unfortunately I won't be able to show you it cause I accidentally dropped it when it was hard and it broke it to pieces so sadly I won't be able to show you but it looked a bit like this and it was clay not paper. And in class our teacher gave out wooden knifes to cut the clay but the knife was Sharpe enough so I grabbed a ruler and that it how I cut it and it came out much nicer. Lets say it wasn't perfect the edges went completely straight but I was proud of it until it broke so sad.

Well if you guys was me to make another one and not break it then leave a comment and tell me other shapes you want me to make out of clay

This shape has 20 faces, 12 vertices, and 30 edges.