Thursday, 27 July 2017

Arthur Space Narrative

One day in the year 4017 the earth scientists were taking samples of the earth and found that it is polluted and that we are running out of resources. So they found me and my brother and told us if we can go out to space to look for another planet. We accepted. On our way into space we saw so many planets to pick.

We weren't paying attention to the space in front of us we were paying attention to the planets. When we looked forward we saw an asteroid coming right for us. We tried to turn as fast as we could and as we were turning the asteroid hit the side of the ship and I spun us out. As we were crashing out of nowhere a dark planet apes. When we were crashing we noticed that the planet was full of green trees and plant and wildlife and the darkness was just the clouds. When we were on the ground we thought to ourselves and said “how are we supposed to get back home?”

Me and my brother were stranded on the planet looking for something to eat after a while we found some fruit and I grabbed it and was going to eat it than my brother said “wait you don't know if there is oxygen on this planet” so I solely took off my space helmet and took a big breath and in excitement I said “YES!! There is oxygen” so my brother took of his helmet and he said “I think we found the planet we were looking for”. We looked around for what we could use to fix our spaceship. While we were looking we saw heaps of resources to fix our spaceship.

We gathered them up and repaired our spaceship. But before we went back to earth we had a look around. There was plenty of water and trees and there was oxygen. Me and my brother didn’t know if the planet had  name so we forget that we could name it since we found it. We were thinking of name than my brother said “ we should call it Gerith so it is growing Earth” and I said “ sure”. We hopped into our spaceship and on our way back to earth.

When we arrived back to earth people were waiting for our arrival when they saw us they were yelling and screaming of happiness when we landed on the ground me and my brother told them “WE FOUND A PLANET” They were crying in happiness. 324 days later we managed to get half of the planet on earth to the planet Gerith and both of the planets became a better place and not as plotted and Earth was not dying. The End
Task description: we had to wirte a narrative and make a alien.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Arthur Hacky Sack

Walt: write a set of instructions.

Task deciption.
We had to do steps and to write them down hoiw to make a hacky sack and what ingredents you need.