Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Arthur Advice Column

Walt: understand why people make particular choices and how their choice can impact themselves and others.
WALT: make connections between texts and paraphrase these into my own words.

Key Concept: What motivates an athlete to cheat?

Friday, 16 September 2016

The life of Usain bolt

Usain Bolt started running since August the 21 1986. Which means he has been practicing running ever since he was a kid. When he was a kid he was good at running but now he is the fastest person in the world.

In his first race in the olympics he came last and he was very upset but the next race his mother helped him and gave him confidence. Then all the races after that he has been coming first.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Arthur Writing - Narrative September 2016

Once upon a time there was two little kids and one adult the father there names were Joe Moe Kyle Kyle was the adult and the kids father and they loved kayaking in the creek they will almost go kayaking every day. Then one day they they desaied to do something different they wanted to go swimming in the creek so they put on some flippers and some scuba diving goggles and some boxers. Joe found something in the creek It was shiny So just before Kyle win into the water Joe said “I found something” then Kyle said “what is it”. Joe said “i don’t know it was shining”. So Kyle and Joe went back into the water and pull out whatever was shining then they noticed it was a treasure chest so they bring it up to shore and was looking for Moe in the creek so they found Moe and they were going to open the chest together.

When They opened the chest something bad happened a whole lot of smoke came out of the chest. When the smoke cleared out there was a note and a lot of gold and rubies and diamonds and all sorts of jules. Well back to the note it said “who dares to open this chest will suffer with pain and face the consequences” so the kids were scared with horror. Moe and Joe told the adult aka father that is a bad idea the dad said “ Naa whoever put this pile of goodies down there is just trying to scare whoever opens this chest just so we can’t have it. So the kids and father bought the chest inside the house and then the dad of the two kids said “it’s getting late so why don’t we go to bed ok said the kids.

The next day the dad was gone and the kids were looking for him so when they went back into the dad's room to check if he was there they saw a ghost and said “i told you not to open the chest and now your father is suffering if you don’t put that chest back into the creek you will probably never see your father again. So they sent of to get the chest and put it back into the creek to get there father back. After they done that they went back to the ghost and said “we put it back into the water and now can we have hour dad back” the ghost said “yes but next time you do that again something worse  is going to happen. So they looked outside and there he was. The end

I hope you enjoyed my story leave a comment please.
Walt: write a narrative
Walt: demonstrate understanding of a number of strategies and skills for writing (for example, use of paragraphs, a range of sentence types, descriptive language, punctuation, spelling).

Monday, 12 September 2016

Arthur Problem Solving:Week 7

Walt: add and subtract decimal numbers using the strategy, 'Don't subtract add'.

Walt: solve word problems with decimals.