Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Weekend

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Saturday 14th 2015

In my weekend I went with my dad to little shell bay. My dad is the yard captain of little shell bay he is in charge of the boat's. Me and my dad went to little shell bay to do some work on some boat’s there was a lot of work to do.

First what I did was helped my dad put the diesel into the bulldozer. The bulldozer need’s 100 litres but we did not need a full tank. So we only put like 40 litres in the bulldozer because that will be a nuff for a couple boats to hall out.

When the tide went out there was a hole heap of leaves and seaweed and a hole heap of stuff. Then a dog came and got a stick so I picked the stick up and through the stick the dog ran to it but did not bring it back. The dog just chewed on the stick and went away then I was making a mountain out of that stuff in the water it felt weird.

Then the black dog came a digged the mountain to look for something to eat. Every time I put the stuff on top on the mountain it will dig and dig and dig and dig it was annoying. It keep on going and then I asked if we can go and so we did.

My best part about my weekend was when i went with my dad to little shell bay.I hoped you enjoyed my weekend.