Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Arthur Immersion Assembly

Today at Immersion Assembly our school found out that our school topic is “Now that’s thinking”. In our school there are teams there is Team 1-5. Where team 4 the best team in the school.

As i said that our school topic is Now that’s thinking.Team 1-3 is learning about kite’s and some extra things. The xtra this is about Manaiakalani and other movies and Presentations.Team 5 is learning about fixing things and how to make their space better. We also saw Mr Burt talk about how google has done a lot of things for us and he showed our school all of the computers we had in the past all thanks to google.

Team 4’s topic was about thinking into the past and thinking about what kind of Technology did the Maori use befor Pakeha came to New Zealand. This is quite interesting cause our Team created a movie and it’s quite interesting.
Our teachers were sitting in the library and thinking about what we are going to learn about so they looked through books and saw a lot of olden day stuff. So they thought about what did the Maori use be for Pakeha came to New Zealand. About 250 years ago the teachers was amazed what kind of things that they found in the book. Back in the day there phones and to connect to the WI-FI and it made a terrible so

I hope we learn more about Technology and coding and how to use robots. Mr somevie told us that we might make our own Technology and use robot’s and sphero. I am also hoping that before Pakeha came ‘to New Zealand what did the Maori’s eat and how did they cook their food.

What I think about the new term is cool I think that we are going to do awesome stuff. I hope next term will be even better.

I hope you enjoyed please leave a comment.

Walt: using exciting language.

Task description: We are learning to get better and writing