Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Walt: Use connectives in our explanations
Topic How To Save Money

Introduction. Did you know that if you save money by putting it in a bank of your own little
piggy bank and save it till your older you might actually be able to buy a nice house
or something that you really wanted. Than when you grow up you will be able to buy
nice things or take your family to a nice dinner.

Paragraph 1 How to save money. To save money you could give your money to yourt parents to
put away for you or put it is your online bank if you have one or just mabe make your own
piggy bank like a can and just cut into it or just buy a piggy bank. To really save money every
night go around your house and turn off the things that need turning off and things that you
are not using. For example I turn of everything in the house overnight and that save $50 than
you have an extra $50 to put into your savings

Paragraph 2. Another way you could save money is don't get things that are really expensive
keep a budget that you can only spend $50 on grocery shopping don't buy things that you
want only what you need. For example my brother wants a big chocolate cake with whipped
cream on top for breakfast but what he needs it some real cereal like Weetabix or porridge
that kind of stuff not chocolate cake.

Paragraph 3. More ways that you could save money or earn money is have a garage sale
and sell all the things that you don't need or old thing that might be worth something.
And with the money that you earn you could put half away and the other half you could spend
on food or new stuff. So I think that a garage sale is one of the best ways to get money.

Conclusion. You should keep the money for special occasions so you buy special things and someone something someone that means alot to you. And if you try hard in the end you will be able you get whatever you want like a LAMBORGHINI

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  1. Hi Arthur,

    I really liked the examples that you used in this explanation. The part about your brother wanting cake for breakfast was particularly entertaining! I look forward to reading more of your writing this year.