Tuesday, 28 April 2015

anzac day

In the assembly we had a anzac assembly to celebrate anzac day. We were celebrating anzac day because we are not, going to school on monday. We were talking about the first world  it happened in samoa.

We were all so talking about how many people were on the ships. There were 8000 on each ship. There were about 15 ships so about 120000 people went to the war.

It was the beast anzac assembly that i have had in my hole life! It tort me lots and lots and lots of thinks about the first world war.

We watch a short video of the first world war. I felt really happy i new haw anzac day gos. What will the next anzac day be like?.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My holidays

In the holiday Me, Eric, Connor and my Aunt, went to the movies. I saw the new Sponge Bob movie. I think Morpheus went to the movies as well.

I went to the movies because it was a lovely day. We got a large bowl of popcorn. We were going to get a extra large of popcorn.

The popcorn was very yummy. The flavor was solte and sergur i ate ,most of it. But i had to leave my Birthers some and my Aunt.

The Spongebob movie was super super cool. It was about a magical book that makes Spongebob go places. Spongebob wrote in the magical book that he would get so so so strong! And he did. Spongebob also had a bubble, blower on his head.

At the end we went to my Nanas House. Then I told my Nana it was so so fun ! You should've come. I wonder where we will go next?