Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What a teacher dose all day

I am going to explain to what a teachers does all day

The teachers fart and act like nothing happened. They are  very rude. Teachers fart so much that sometimes they poo the pants

Teachers some always drink wine or cofe every day. So they can be woken up properly. Our teachers drink a lot of coffee so they can be on time for school.

So you can see that the things that a teachers does all day are just be rude and naughty


I Am going to explain to you waht is important so that you do well in a test..
Break feast is good because it taste good and its good for your health. And it will get you pumped up for your test.So you can be brany like me David.

Sleeping is good for you because it refreshes your brain and gets your thinking back.
Then you would do good on your test.And do the best so you be finished.

Now you know why its important to eat good food and get your sleep.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Problem solving

Sarah C

Sarah C is a artist based in Mangwhai Heads. Sarah C paints on corrugated iron. People wanted her limited edition artworks. Sarah C started to sell her art work people demanded to buy the pieces of art work. So when they get home they can hang on the fence or in the garden.